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This page presents a highend level of Technical skills available to the Trinity Development Team as at October 2019. These includes industry -standard frameworks and build tools that are shaping the IT departments of various organizations.


Our core development team is made up of PHP, C#, JAVA (Desktop & Android), Python (Web and Machine Learning) and NodeJS (JavaScript) developers with different experience levels.



LARAVEL | ASP.NET CORE | Mysql | mongodb | vuejs | Nodejs

Trinity Software Center has a great command over Web Application Development using their core PHP backend framework Laravel together with frontend frameworks like VueJS and Bootstrap. Some of our developers also have C# experience (.NET Core and MVC) for building web applications if customers have their own specifications. MongoDB, MySQL and MSSQL are the main database technologies that we use in building web applications. Restful APIs are also built in NodeJS, PHP and C#. Graphic design and UI frontend expertise are hired on project basis.



Significant efforts have been made over the few months in shaping our Mobile Application Development aspect of our work. Three of our core developers are currently pursuing Android development with JAVA and KOTLIN as the alternative and iOS app development. A number of dedicated and trusted freelance app developers are hired to work for us anytime we get app development contract.


VPS | cpanel | shared hosting | ssl |centoS/UBUNTU

Trinity has personnel who have solid understanding in Virtual Private Servers, Shared Hosting, SSL/SSH Technologies and the security architecture of how applications are hosted both on private and public cloud infrastructure. We have experience in WHMs, cPanel, etc. We manage large-scale applications using latest security and privacy protocols.


Truffle | Ganache | Metamask

Block chain is another hot area we have specialized. We currently have three full stack developers focusing on the latest technologies to build smart contracts on the Solidity platform among others. These developers combine their expertise in C#, JavaScript and Python together with tools like Truffle, Ganache, MetaMask to build rich applications mostly based on the Ethereum block chain. Solidity is one known platform for building smart contracts that we are currently using. Our developers have built several distributed app (DApp) with latest block chain technology and continue to evolve as new challenges come their way.


Apart from the four domain areas; Web, Mobile, Block Chain and Servers and Hosting, some developers are also focusing on using Machine learning algorithms with industry tools like Tensor Flow, Keras to train and build models in the field of Natural Language Processing, Computer Vision, Object Detection. We expect to build powerful Machine Learning and Big Data applications running on AWS, Google, and Azure etc. Then again, dealing with large dataset also require some level of expertise in Data Science tools like R, Python, MySQL, etc. which we have the expertise and the knowledge to both collect, clean, and process large datasets for use in enterprise applications. Our CTO is currently focusing on Deep Learning for object detection in his master’s research and is our ambition to incorporate machine learning in our web applications and mobile apps.


Not only do our engineers build and host applications, all our developers have the required skills needed in building, testing and deploying applications on Microsoft Azure, Amazon AWS or private cloud. With tools available to us like git, bit bucket/GitHub, Source Tree, etc., developers after building applications follow the DevOps approach so that there is seamless testing and deployment. In particular, we use Selenium to do User interface Testing and Postman for API testing. Our Developers also have experience in Swagger, which is a platform for documenting APIs.


Because of the way and manner software projects have failed several times following traditional Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC, Waterfall Approach), Trinity has adopted an agile way of working and as such implements SCRUM in managing software applications. This has an added advantage to easily changing scope, adjust deliverable and to keep project and stakeholders coordinated to avoid any surprises after spending several months developing software product. We have EXIN Certified SCRUM masters and developers and preferably execute our projects with our customers using SCRUM.


Aside our core developers, Trinity has a carefully selected pool of trusted SCRUM-trained freelancers that work for us when the need arises. We have various graphic designers for our logos, HD images and any other multimedia related designs needed in building our web and mobile applications.

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