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Trinity software center is a social enterprise with the mission to create career perspective for young Africans using Information Technology. We do this while pursuing innovation by:

Fair Trade Software is not about low cost outsourcing, offshoring or charity. It is about sustainable business practices with lead to employment, knowledge transfer and economic growth.


Simple and affordable software to improve life for ordinary people. We are strongly dedicated to develop new software, specially made for the African market. Simple, affordable solutions to help institutions like schools, hospitals and micro-credit cooperatives to take their first steps into digitalization. We have no legacy but we are totally up to date with the newest computer languages, frameworks and development approaches like SCRUM.

We are convinced that our solutions are going to help ordinary people in Africa to improve the quality of their lives by the introduction of information technology. In 2018 we helped a Ghanaian hospital to digitalize their work processes out of a completely non-digital work environment. We also proudly launched our first pure African SAAS solution: SKUUNI

That is why some of the software products that we have built are so close to our heart:


An app to assist African farmers to triple their harvest by using affordable permaculture techniques and GPS-based crop advice based on big data.


An app to allow uneducated informal traders in Africa to manage their finances, with a unique voice-over service in various tribal languages.


An application allowing African youth to have access to a large stock of quality open source learning materials with an easy download.

But more important is the possibility for our programmers to work together with Europeans on IT-projects in more developed countries. These projects boost their level of knowledge and experience.


As a company, we value the following in our day to day operations.


Our development team works assiduously to deliver the best quality to our customers within the scheduled time and cost.


We as a company believe that students should equally be given the opportunity to fully experience what they are being taught, that is why we hire freelancers from the universities to help them in gaining practical experience.


We believe that opportunity should be created for all persons irrespective of your gender, under fair working conditions.


Trinity believes that when developers are involved in an international virtual SCRUM team with other programmers abroad, we will get the best out of them and also help in their capacity building.


We believe that our team should do their work in a humble way following the quality standards principles.

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